Increase Your


by Capitalizing on the Connection

There is an art to interacting with others. From the moment you meet someone to the moment you depart, you have the opportunity to connect and increase your influence. I help leaders, teams, and organizations understand the mindsets, strategies, and techniques to use during an interaction that will leave someone feeling good about THEMSELVES and thinking highly of YOU.

Live and Virtual Programs

That Motivate and Energize

Your Audience

Molly is an engaging speaker who believes in the power of connection to inspire, influence, and impact others.

Throughout twenty years of expertise in the hospitality industry building relationships with teams, executives, and clients, she discovered that success in the workplace is based on your ability to connect with others. Molly delivers compelling yet relatable presentations in-person or virtually for conferences, meetings, and workshops that have been met with rave reviews.

Highlights From My Clients