What to look for in a keynote speaker

Are you an Akron, Ohio or Cleveland, Ohio business or organization searching for Keynote speakers near me, event speakers, and even best keynote speakers near me and looking to increase your influence, impact, and results within your organization or with your clients? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

Molly Ketcham is a seasoned keynote speaker in the Cleveland, Ohio and Akron, Ohio area, who believes in the power of connection and its ability to inspire, influence, and impact others. Molly offers a variety of keynote speaking and engagement opportunities. Her programs can be booked as 45–60-minute keynote, a half-day workshop, or as a series of three one-hour training sessions.

A few things that make her stand out are…

Molly began her career in graphic design. Then later realized that she needed to work with people and not design. She has been in the hospitality industry for twenty years, and now teaches people approachability, how to establish connections, and how to be an effective keynote speaker.

Molly is a passionate advocate for speaking and motivating individuals to increase their influence with teammates and clients by creating strong connections. Passion gives you a reason to keep learning and working towards success, therefore giving you a sense of purpose.

Molly has a passion for self-awareness. Self-awareness is about learning to better understand why you feel how you feel and why you behave in a certain way. Having this gives you the freedom to change, allowing you to create space for the life that you want. It is also the secret ingredient for building and maintaining relationships and boosting your confidence. The better you understand who you are, the easier it is to make connections.

Molly Ketcham; Keynote Speaker

Contact Molly today to learn more about her keynote speaking programs for your organization today! Molly is excited to work with you.