The Importance of a Personal Mission Statement

You’ve probably read plenty of company mission statements with big words and run-on sentences. Did you know that mission statements aren’t just for companies? They are for you, too (minus the big words and long sentences, if you prefer.)


What is a Personal Mission Statement?

It defines what you’re all about. It includes your values, passions, and purpose. It’s only one or two sentences.

And it’s simple to create once you do the foundation work.


Why Create a Personal Mission Statement?

It helps guide your decisions and helps you stay focused on long term goals. It helps keep you aligned with your values and how you want to impact they world. And you might discover a little confidence defining who you are and where you’re going!


How to Write a Personal Mission Statement

Writing a personal mission statement takes introspection. Consider the following:


  • Your intrinsic motivators (the things you do simply because you love doing them)
  • Your values (what you spend your time and money on, and what you surround yourself with)
  • Your strengths (what you are naturally good at doing)
  • What success means to you (at the end of it all, what you would like to have achieved)

Keep in mind that as we grow through life, our personal mission statement will change. Don’t get caught up in making it perfect for a lifetime. Simply reflect on what is important to you now, and what you want to achieve, and write it for the moment!

Examples of personal mission statements:

“To be a teacher. And to be known for inspiring my students to be more than they thought they could be.” — Oprah Winfrey

“To serve as a leader, live a balanced life, and apply ethical principles to make a significant difference.” — Denise Morrison

“To have fun in [my] journey through life and learn from [my] mistakes.” Sir Richard Branson

“To inspire others to develop self-awareness so they may experience confidence, contentment, and success.” Molly Ketcham