The Importance of a Keynote Speaker

Role of a Keynote Speaker

The role of a keynote speaker is to set out the theme of an event. A keynote speaker will be able to invigorate an audience and carry a speech focusing on the established topics. Knowing their industry, they combine brief points with narratives correlating to their personal experience to be able to highlight a topic to the audience in a short period of time.

Hiring a keynote speaking

Hiring a keynote speaker is beneficial to a company’s success and can make for an insightful addition to any event. Keynote speakers are paid to speak and capture the audience’s attention. They can convey their information in a fun and entertaining way, to keep listeners awake on a specific topic. People are always more affected by a lecture when it’s interesting. The point of a keynote speaker is to get your listeners excited and motivated about new concepts, helping them become more successful, productive, and engaged.

Meetings Purpose

Once you have determined your meetings’ purpose and theme, then you can select the perfect speaker for your event. A Keynote speaker and a Guest speaker both add value, but for different purposes.
The role of a keynote speaker is to highlight a specific topic that is going to be covered throughout the rest of the event (think headliner) using humor or sharing a relatable story that ties into the theme. A guest speaker may also be a keynote speaker, but they’re not the same. The role of a guest speaker is to follow-up on the keynote speech and expand more into detail on the specific topic.

Molly Ketcham; Keynote Speaker

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