20 years of real-world hospitality experience distilled into a simple formula for connecting with others.

The Art

Of Interaction

Increase your influence during a one-on-one interaction by capitalizing on the connection. In this program, participants discover the mindsets and strategies to demonstrate credibility and likeability.


Your Audience

During group presentations, virtual or in-person, a speaker must deliver content that is engaging and valuable, while connecting with the audience. In this session, Molly informs and demonstrates how to exhibit these characteristics during presentations.

Kid Power!

Build Confidence in Children

With the right guidance, children can understand how their thoughts and feelings affect their actions. In this program for parents, Molly shares actionable techniques for guiding children through the development of self-awareness.

All programs can be booked

as a 45 to 60-minute keynote, a half-day workshop, or series of three one-hour training sessions.