Can you think of a mistake you’ve made?

I believe developing self-awareness is the best tool you can give your child. Read on for a conversation starter that helps them build confidence.

Does your child know it’s okay to make mistakes? Actually, do YOU know it’s okay to make mistakes? I grew up as a “perfectionist”. When I was young, my parents took me to the doctor because I had headaches all the time. The diagnosis? Stress. The headaches were stress-related because I felt the need to get everything “perfect”. I believe I’ve come a long way from needing to get everything just right, but if wanting to be perfect is the complete opposite of wanting to make mistakes, then I still have a ways to go.

Successful business owners have a mindset of looking forward to and recovering from mistakes. The more mistakes they can make and learn from, the more successful they become. Wow, I wish I had known that as a child.

I coached my son’s fourth grade soccer team. Before the start of one of the games I said, “I expect you to make mistakes.” That got their attention. “If you aren’t out on that field making mistakes, it means you aren’t playing your hardest. If you try those new foot skills we learned, you’re going to mess up. So get out on that field, make mistakes, and play HARD.”

Today, ask your child, “Can you think of a mistake you’ve made?” If you make a mistake and it’s from practicing a skill, or is something that you learned from then it’s A-OK in my book. Mom and Dad, why don’t YOU share a mistake that you’ve learned from or that you made practicing a new skill? See how many you can think of! Make it fun. Create a new mindset.