A Personal Note

From Molly

First, thank you for your consideration. I understand the task of choosing a speaker that will deliver value to your audience is not an easy one. There are many options for speakers, but I can tell you with sincerity, I want to make you look good. I was once in your shoes and I know it’s important!

I began my career in the event planning world. After earning a degree from the University of Cincinnati in graphic design, I realized I needed to work with people, not design. The career center suggested hospitality, and I said YES! (Are you asking yourself, But WHY?!) Well, I enjoyed the idea of using my organization skills to be in the service of delivering great events. I began my hospitality journey as a meeting manager for a little Country Inn & Suites in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I then moved to Pueblo, Colorado, and worked as an event manager at the Convention Center and then as the marketing and event director for the Riverwalk. Coming back home to Ohio, I worked for third party event companies Experient, Maritz, and BCD as a sourcing/procurement manager. My clients included large corporations in the technology, finance, and professional services industries who booked hotel guestrooms and meeting space all over the world.

As I built relationships and networked with colleagues, executives, and clients, I discovered that success in the workplace is largely based on your ability to connect with others. The more I developed my emotional intelligence, the more I noticed clients became easier to work with, teammates wanted me to be part of the conversation, and opportunities were finding ME.

I was impressed with my results and decided to switch careers to be of service in a new capacity. I help motivated individuals increase their influence with teammates and clients by developing strong connections.

Whether they build relationships through one-on-one conversations, or they present to groups, I teach my proven method for demonstrating approachability, developing connections, and becoming a trusted advisor. I look forward to discussing your event.

Highlights From My Clients

Molly delivered an exceptional message.

Molly’s message is very pertinent to today’s mix of face-to-face and virtual presentations. She provided tools and exercises that allowed us to enhance our skills.

Baron Hodo, Sherwin-Williams

Molly is a powerhouse!

She never ceases to amaze me as to the energy that radiates off of her whenever she is giving a speech.  She helped us identify target goals, overcome challenges, and soar to new heights.

Lisa Newburger, Discuss Directives

Molly’s passion, excitement and energy radiated!

She provided exercises and techniques to help us develop relationships through connecting. She had a creative use of technology to keep us engaged throughout the virtual presentation.

Sharon Stadul

Molly was simply amazing.

Her presentation gave us more confidence in what we are doing, and provided excellent tips, tricks, and pointers that I had never considered.

Katie Moses, Sherwin-Williams

Are You Ready

To Increase Your Influence?

Molly is an engaging speaker who believes in the power of connection to inspire, influence, and impact others.

By combining her twenty years of expertise in the hospitality industry with her personal application of the discovery of self-knowledge, she delivers compelling yet relatable presentations for conferences, on-line events, trainings, panels, meetings, workshops, and seminars that have been met with rave reviews and can be adapted to suit your venue and audience.