Hire a Keynote Speaker in Akron, Ohio

Are you an Arkon, Ohio area business or organization that is looking to increase your influence, impact, and results within your organization or with your clients? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

Molly Ketcham is an seasoned keynote speaker in Akron, Ohiowho believes in the power of connection and it’s ability to inspire, influence, and impact others.

Akron, Ohio Keynote Speaking

Molly Ketcham offers a variety of keynote speaking engagement opportunities in Akron, Ohio. All of her programs can be booked as 45-60 minute keynote, a half-day workshop, or as a series of three one-hour training sessions.

Akron area companies can have Molly speak in-person or virtually from her home. In each of her programs, she incorporates questions and interactions throughout that challenge attendees to ask them the following:

  • Who Are You
  • What Drives You
  • How Can you Best Contribute to the Organization

Molly helps people self-actualize their potential through self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is paramount to success when working with others.

Keynote Speaking Programs in Akron

Molly Ketcham offers three separate keynote programs to Akron area organizations. Each program is unique and holds value to help you increase efficiency in interactions, create engaging presentations, and understanding the secret ingredient for building mutually beneficial relationships.

The Art of an Interaction

Increase your influence during a one-on-one interaction by capitalizing on the connection. In this program, participants discover the mindsets and strategies to demonstrate credibility and likeability.

Molly takes the audience on a journey through a conversation. From the first moment of meeting to the last words spoken, participants learn new methods for identifying with others, demonstrating approachability, and establishing trust.

Keep Them Awake! Energize and Enhance Your Presentations

During group presentations, virtual or in-person, a speaker must deliver content that is engaging and valuable, while connecting with the audience. In this session, Molly informs and demonstrates how to exhibit these characteristics during presentations.

If your participants want to be the trusted advisor to their customers, they must show that they understand, they are reliable, and they have the customer’s best interests at heart. Discover specific techniques to connect with your audience while delivering a group presentation.

The Secret Ingredient in the Formula For Connection

elf-awareness is not only the foundation of emotional intelligence, but also the secret ingredient for building relationships, creating confidence, and engaging with life.

You are half of the equation when you are connecting with another person. The better you understand who you are, the easier it is to discover the connection. The more confidence you have, the more focus you’ll place on others. The broader your perspective, the more open your mindset.

People with high levels of self-awareness have been shown to be high-performers, better negotiators, and more effective leaders. Enhance your team communications and effectiveness by discovering and practicing methods for developing self-awareness.

Molly Ketcham: Akron Keynote Speaker

Contact with Molly Ketcham today to learn more about her keynote speaking programs for your organization today! Molly is excited to work with you and your organization in 2022 and beyond. Connect with her to schedule your 2022 Keynote speaker in Akron today!