Find your Passion for Life

Have you noticed that excitement is contagious? People with genuine enthusiasm are attractive and enjoyable to be around.

I worked with a networking marketing company when I was in my 20’s. At the events, there was one particular leader who always caught my eye. She seemed to be enjoying herself no matter what she was doing. She was confident, funny, and charismatic. And wherever she was, a flock of people surrounded her.

I secretly wished I could be like her. But how? I was quiet and reserved; afraid to say anything for fear that it would come across as “stupid” or “silly”. A fear of imperfection and lack of self-confidence held me back.

Now, twenty years later, I can look back on my journey and be grateful for a series of events. A divorce in my 30’s was the catalyst for studying myself. I reflected, and researched, and read…and I started to develop some understanding about who I am. Then I added some understanding about how others perceived me. The information painted a picture of a person that I …. well, that I kinda liked. I gained confidence in that understanding. I shared what was on my mind. I tested the waters with enthusiasm. And wouldn’t you know, people were drawn to it.

Outward excitement isn’t the right personality for everyone. Internal excitement can be just as attractive. But what’s most important is the feeling you gain from understanding it. Knowing yourself and your passion gives you direction in life and the confidence to speak and act on it.