For Kids: Tell Me About an Accomplishment.

I have a passion for developing self-awareness in children. For the children in your life, here is a conversation starter to help them discover who they are…

Everyone likes to feel success and accomplishment. It makes us feel good, proud, happy. Let’s get our children talking about those moments. Let’s celebrate them.

I watched my step-daughter applaud her one-year-old son for blowing a kiss, and then found myself applauding too! When they are very young and still learning the basics of life, we celebrate the smallest moments. Then our children get older and we adjust our praise to their age. We have expectations about how they should behave and what they should accomplish, as it should be. However, they still need to hear “I am proud of you.” “You are doing a great job.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear your son or daughter say, “Mom, you’re doing a great job”? Ha! Well, maybe there’s hope if we model that kind of communication.

Today’s question: What is one of your accomplishments? Followed by, How did you accomplish that? 

Let’s talk about hard work, time, effort, natural strengths, help from others, patience, persistence, working through frustration, practice…

And then celebrate that success.